About Me

I am a work at home mom of 3 beautiful girls that I love dearly and have been married to my husband Jeremy for 10 wonderful but sometimes hard years.  I am very active with the kids when I am not working and come August -November we are a Mustang Cheer Family.  Ciera is a very active Cheerleader during this time and we are very busy and she loves it and I love doing it for her.  I recently have changed and challenged myself on my blog to blog more and put it out there and give my views to others.

I love to coupon weather it be at Publix, CVS Walgreens or Target, I love it and I try to plan and match my trips before I go to maximize my savings whenever possiable.

We have recently changed they way our family is eating to no processed foods and had started treating my daughters behavior and digestive problems with vitiamins and suppliments and Organic food.  We are starting slow and working our way up.