Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is a true friend?

"'A TRUE friend never expects something in return for what they do for you. A TRUE friend listens as well as they talk. A TRUE friend doesn't do guilt trips.'"
A friend posted this on her facebook page and I wanted to know what you would take this to mean?
Would you say that a TRUE friend would not point fingers? And would you think this is funny?

I personally don't think either, friends are people that you can count on in good and in bad and like it says you can talk to and get there view back. Everyone is different and has different views on Friends but ask yourself are you a true friend?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feeling Lost ...

Ever felt like you have lost something or someone that you thought would always be there? Maybe it happened all the sudden because of something or someone or it just happened over time well let me tell you it makes you feel sad. I feel like I have lost something that I though could not be lost but never second guess anything. I am not one to just go out and do things and I may do too many things by myself or with just my kids and I sure do not have very many people that I call my friends or that call me friends but I always thought that certain things would be there no matter where you are but I guess things change and some grow and other stay the same or just have different ways of change. Maybe it will all come together and what is what seems to be lost is not lost but just something that is not a priority right now. Only time will tell.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend of First...

Kylie 1st trip to the Fair w/ Ciera and Grandmas on Thursday.

Kylie's 1st haircut, hardly noticable and she kept tell them do not cut my curls. So cute!

Alyssa and daddy 1st time on the big slide at the park.

We also had another first I took Ciera and Kylie for a pedicure. They had so much fun and Ky was so excited about
getting her toes painted she had to show everyone.
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Park Day

The kids love the park and I wanted to share a few pics. I also fooled around with my camera so let me know if you like it.
This also was a weekend of First see the following posts.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ever feel that you are not doing enough as a parent or not parenting the right way? I am having those moments these days between working at home with the 2 lil ones running around and when Ciera gets home it is just utter kias. Ky has her fits through out the day becasue she is not getting what she wants when she wants it and that means Time out for her but I don't think that is working for her. I know it is hard to keep her here on the days that I work but I try to keep here busy painting coloring and patio chalk which she loves but thee is still the constant "mommy cand we go ..." and when I am off I try to keep them out and about to the park and so forth.
Ciera on the other hand is 9 going on 29, constant argueing with me and her sister and homework that seems like it takes her forever bc of distractions. I know she needs her own space/ room where she can do her Homework and be to herself and soon we may have that but until then she has to understand that she is a big sister and needs to act like one instead of being like them.
But there are some days that I feel like I have failed as a parent becasue they are constantly fighting and tattling on lil sisters. Sometimes I feel that the block me out when I am talking and either asking them to do someting or not to do something. There are days that I just want to scream and run from all the chais. Does this make me a bad parent because in some way the ways I am parenting these days are not feeling right and as much as I try to change it is one step forward and two steps back. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Also I am open to any advice on parenting these 3 lil Princesses.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New years New goals and finding new ways...

Well the new year has arrived, 2010. Can you believe it and I know I am a lil late with this post but things have been crazy and I guess I am just behind as usual. Well such as everything including mailing Christmas presents, sorry Ang and Leyah, laundry dishes and bedroom organizing, piles for yard sale and I am sure there are more but the are what is off the top of my head right now.
Here is a lil catch up on the girls ... they are crazy to put it mildy.
Ciera in the 2nd half of 4th grade and we have up and coming FCAT and Florida Writes and that is no nerve racking but gotta do it. She is all done w/ cheerleading til fall and she misses it a lot so we will see what we can do about a camp or 2.
Kylie is just terror on wheels litterly aka Dora bike. She is talks so loud that you can hear her miles away which is sometimes good and bad. She loves her lil sister and argues like cats and dogs with her big sister. I also think that she is going to be my comedian one day because she comes up with the funniest things today all the time.
Alyssa, oh my goodness she is walking and starting to run after her sisters all the time. It is so funny bc her big sisters walked at a year and this lil miss decided she was just gonna walk on her knees and then one day after Christmas she lets go and she is off and running. She is so funny these days and she loves her sisters so much and wants to do everything they do and more. This past week she had her first visit to the ER and I think this was the first time I have taken any of them to the ER. She had a bad reaction I think from Antibiotics but she was all broke out in hives that covered her whole body and she was so itchy for a few days I felt so bad for her, but she had cleared up but still not wanting to sleep at night. She only has 6 teeth so she may be getting some more in that lil mouth of hers.

Joyce made a comment the other day when she was here and Kylie and Alyssa were playing and causing havoc that we would lead a pretty dull life with out these 2 or 3 for that matter and to this day regardless of their moods, melt downs, and sleepless nights would trade them for the world.

Goals for 2010:
Read and complete the Twlight Saga
Organize my desk and work area
Organize the kids room .... Trip to IKEA that is what I am thinking.
keep up w/ my blog and maybe add some deals and such to get more activity.
Maybe we will try the "NOT ME MONDAY" posts and Wordless Wednesday!