Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ever feel that you are not doing enough as a parent or not parenting the right way? I am having those moments these days between working at home with the 2 lil ones running around and when Ciera gets home it is just utter kias. Ky has her fits through out the day becasue she is not getting what she wants when she wants it and that means Time out for her but I don't think that is working for her. I know it is hard to keep her here on the days that I work but I try to keep here busy painting coloring and patio chalk which she loves but thee is still the constant "mommy cand we go ..." and when I am off I try to keep them out and about to the park and so forth.
Ciera on the other hand is 9 going on 29, constant argueing with me and her sister and homework that seems like it takes her forever bc of distractions. I know she needs her own space/ room where she can do her Homework and be to herself and soon we may have that but until then she has to understand that she is a big sister and needs to act like one instead of being like them.
But there are some days that I feel like I have failed as a parent becasue they are constantly fighting and tattling on lil sisters. Sometimes I feel that the block me out when I am talking and either asking them to do someting or not to do something. There are days that I just want to scream and run from all the chais. Does this make me a bad parent because in some way the ways I am parenting these days are not feeling right and as much as I try to change it is one step forward and two steps back. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Also I am open to any advice on parenting these 3 lil Princesses.

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