Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hard times are still around.

I know it has been while since my last post but I have been going from here to there and everywhere with my daughters cheer. The girls took home 4th place at Regionals in Orlando and we were so proud. That ended just after Thanksgiving and then we went right into Christmas. Christmas has been very hard financially and not knowing what is going to come next. How long are we going to be in our house and moving and how the possibility of saying goodbye to my husbands Brother Jay who is 35 and dying of brain cancer is going to affect my husband and my oldest daughter who he has been close to him since he was diagnosed and she was just a year old.  The thought just brakes my heart. 
This year has been full of ups and downs and I should say more down then up but we are all trying to make our way though it and I hope we as a family come out on top. 
I know that there is a path for this family I just wish that I had a clue on where it was going to take us.  The fear of the unknown is what scares me. 
2010 has not been a good year and I hope that 2011 will be better opportunity wise, financially and bring more opportunities into our lives.  Because unemployment sucks.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unemployeed and trying to make ends meet

I know there are so many americans that are out of work and trying to get by each and every day and I feel for all of you.  Up until August of this year I had worked since I was sixteen non stop and sometimes even two jobs and up out of the blue I was fired.  I am the soul provider of the family due to my husband having major back problems and unable to work.  I can not put into words how this feels when you look everyday for a job and find nothing that you are interested in or in your field or when you go to a job interview and it goes well and you think you have the job then only to find out that you were not chosen. 

The holidays are quickly approaching and we are all trying to be positive and move forward but it is so hard for me to keep going day by day,  I know that when one door opens another one opens but sometimes I get frustrated waiting for the open door. 
I have my family and sometimes I don't talk about how I am feeling but I know that if I wanted to pour my heart out that they would be there and listen.

Regional Cheer Orlando

Ciera just before she left for the bus to the Arena.

Here are my 2 Future Jupiter Mustang Cheerleaders.
Don't u just love there shirts Thanks Chris for doing a great job on then and everyones.

Ky is ready.

All the girls in there pyramid. Worked so hard for this moment in the spotlight and
they brought home the 4th place trophy.

We had a nice weekend as a family in Orlando there were over 5,000 cheerleaders
and boy could u tell. This was our second time going with the mustangs and everyone did a great job.
We want to thank Coach Cindy and Rodney and all the Jr Coaches for making this year the best.
We hope to see everyone next year and we will come back and ROCK the HOUSE.

Also our Jr Midget Large Squad took 1ST PLACE and is on there way to
DEC 8.
So lets cheer them on... Go Mustangs!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shutterfly has a Great Deal for Bloggers Check it out Here.

The holiday season is coming up fast and I know that holiday shopping is on every ones mind, but how about is you did not have to wait till the last minute to get your holiday card done and the looked beautiful? I think you should check out Shutterfly. I think I have chosen my favorite and that is “with love blue”, I have a hard time choosing the right picture of my three girls so what better card to choose then the one where you can put a variety of shots. See which one is right for you because they have some wonderful holiday cards. Any one need some Thank You cards for the out of town gifts you receive or a just because check some of those out. Last year I ordered from Shutterfly and there were so many different designs that I just could not decide which card I wanted so I chose three different cards with a variety of different photos of the family.

With Shutterfly there are so many different ways you can make holiday cards that you can never make the same one twice. Now make sure to go on over to Shutterfly and get your holiday card done before the mad rush

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ciera & Pee Wee Locals.....1st Place Whoo Hoo!

We are so proud of Ciera she had Local cheer competition this weekend and the Mustangs took home
1st Place

We are so proud of her and the whole Mustang Family that will be
competing at Regional Competition in Orlando Thanksgiving weekend.

Ciera we are so proud of you and we will

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ebay and Toy season.

Well that time of year is coming again when all the hot toys are needing to be found and sold to those who can't find them.  This is a crazy time of year and I hope to do some toy shopping and listing soon.  Right now with being out of work I have relied on EBAY for some much needed funds so please check out my store MY 2 SWEET PRINCESSES for some really great deals. I am constantly listing so please check back.


PayBox Could this be the next Paypal? Try it and find out you will get $50 just to try it before it comes out full force. Plus get money for referals.
Click my referal link and see what Paybox can do for you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still unemployed...

Well I am still on the job hunt and I am not sure how to explain how it is going.  Lets just put it I am still looking and after nearly four months I have an interview tomorrow.  I am excited and scared all at the same time.  I have been a work at home mom for over four years so I am scared to enter the work world again but I know it is something that I have to do, but not really want to do.  I will miss my babies alot but I know that I am going to do what is best.  I also know that I know that I am not the first, only, or last mom to do it and I will get through it.  I also know the ecomony is very hard right now and for me to get an interview is a plus now just to make a good impression will be even better.  If it comes to it and I do have to leave them during the day I will be sad and they will have a hard time in the beginning but the will be ok and it will just make it more bitter sweet when I come home to those cute faces.  So wish me luck in this unchartered waters that I am embarking on.
There are also some other changes going on in our lives but I will save that for another time.  Because that will be a lengthy one.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Work at home jobs

So as I sit here looking throught the classifieds I find all these work at home Jobs for Data entry and a bunch of other things.  Do these really work can you make any money through these places or is it just a gemic? 
How would you find out about these jobs the BBB?   Or better yet how would you find a legitimate job that you can do this for in your area? 
I know times are tough and there are scams out there so you have to be very careful about certain jobs but what I am looking for is to do something for myself and that I can have some input into. 

Let me give you a little bit of background I have worked in customer service for about 15 years that is including the past 4 years that I have worked from home with my 2 little ones by my side and I am not reallty wanting to change that but I have to do what I have to do to make it for my family.  So what I am doing is looking through everything and anywhere  to find what is best for me.

So tell me what you think about this. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy 4th bday Kylie Bug!

Hye Say Cheese look who just turned 4............. Kylie on September 5th Whoooo Hooooo!
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alyssa Big 2

Alyssa 1 day old born August 25, 2006

Sleeping Beauty!

Alysssa 1 year old, 2009.

Alyssa Big 2!! They so go fast and she is so cute!
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Ciera Big 5th grader

Ciera Started 5th grade last week and it is so hard to beleive that she will
be in middle school next year they are growing so fast.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Show Me Your Deathday

I received my book yesterday and as Shaun wanted pictures of our Deathday here you are: Alyssa sleeping next to her copy. I could not resist the combination.
Release date is today so go and get your copy at your local book store.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A new widget...aka Book Release

First let me say again that I am sorry I have been absent this work, family and School combo is kicking me really hard right  now so time for me is limited but I did want to do a post for a friend of mine.

I have never known anyone famous or a "writter" for that matter but on June 15, 2010 I can mark that off my list of People to know.  On June 15 Deathday Letter will be released and that means that Shaun Hutchinson will have published his book and I am so excited.  You can head over to his blog Deathday Letter and check it out.  Also if you want he is having a contest or 2 to win a copy and I have also listed it on the side bar to buy from Amazon. 

I have known Shaun a long time, but kinda lost touch for awhile but I am so happy for him and I know he has worked very hard on this project and I am sure he is working on many more to come.
Congrats Shaun just waiting on my copy  :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry its been so long.

I know all  my readers have been neglected and I am sorry for that I am trying to keep up with all that is going on.  Between kids home and school I am kinda overwhelmed.  I am trying and I will try harder for atleast a post every other day so we will see. 
We had a busy weekend past with my mom's birthday and a Graduation Party those were fun and the kids were all so happy to be out and going all around. 
I just wanted to let everyone one  know that we are doing great just busy.  School is coming to a close and then it is going to be 1 more at home and it will be crazy between work and school and trying to occupy them.  We will manage somehow.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ciera made Saftey Patrol

Ciera came home from school today and brought her belt for Saftey Patrol. We are so happy for her it is such an accomplishment for her. So come next year we are in 5th grade and she will be making a trip to Washington DC all by her self with her classmates. She is so excited all she needs to do is keep up the good work!
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My CVS deals 5/9-5/15

This is a great week for me and I am gonna use it to my benefit!
I am starting out with 5 ECB and we will she what I end up with.

Transaction 1:  2 Pantene 2/$6.97
                          2/$2 coupons (-$4)
                                          2.97 / 3ECB back
          3 Vitiamin water @ $1=$3
plus tax .39 = 6.35 -5 ecb= $1.36 out of pocket

Trans action 2:  Breeze 2 Glucose monitor 19.99 ( to be donated)
                                               Coupon    -10.00
                                                                9.99 w/ $15 ECB
                                                         paid 3 ecb
                                          tax .65 total       $7.44  So CVS is paying me to take it home Money Maker of $5.01!

Transaction 3:  1 pkg Basic Paper Towels $4.99
                 1 pkg Cottonnelle toilet paper   $4.99
            Hawaiian Tropic Tan lotion           $9.99 Ecb $5
                                                             -$1.00 coupong from SheSpeaks 
                                                       use   $15 ECB
                                      plus tax              6.20 and getting $5 ECB to start with next week

So roughly  out of pocket will be       $15.00  is this a good deal or no ?  Look at what all I am getting.

My Walgreens deals week 5/9-5/16

2 Pantene Pro V @ 2/$7
               2 coupon $1 and vocal point $2
                               $4.00 and $2 Register rewards= So I paid $2 for 2 bottles of Pantene

Great deal @ $1 a piece.

Friday, May 7, 2010

More despoits for vacation

I have a few deposits for vacation fund but not quite sure we are gonna make that goal so it may be postponed for a little while we will have to see but whenever we do descide to go we will have this money to go.
We changed car insurance and Alstate sent us back a check for $6.91
Rebate from The Princess and the Frog and Band Aid $5.00
olay rebate for buy a lotion and get full price back  $9.99
                                                       DEPOSIT TOTAL 21.90

Bring the total just in Checks and rebates of 51.31 I still have to go through the KEEP THE CHANGE.

McNeill Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl recall

As I have been watching the new the last few days they have been talking about the recall for the childrens Tylenol, motrin, benadryl and zyrtec.  I had 6 of those items in the house not all open but what was I going to do with them now?  I checked out the websight and found that you can get either a refund or a coupon for a new bottle when they are restocked and the formula is corrected.  Here is link for the rebate or coupon. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feelings and Parenting

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to crawl back into bed under all those covers and wait for tomorrow  to come and see if when you wake up it will be a better day?  I am having one of those days.  Or should I say the last few days. 

I have had dissertations with the kids, family and a lil one that does not want to be put down.  As I sit here I have Ky being good watching Dora and Alyssa trying to go to sleep but for some reason she thinks its not time to nap and would rather be upset.  I on the other hand had lots to do and maybe I have put too much on myself but that is how I always have been and don't think it is going to change anytime soon.  I know I need to figure out certain days for certain things with the kids, for myself, school, blogging and eBay.  But when Friday comes and then the weekend the kids are all that matters and we just go go go. 

Right now I am having to deal with my 9 year old soon to be 10  thinking that she can do as she pleases and not wanting to do anything I tell her when I tell her she thinks she can do it at her leisure.  Not going to happen.  I ask her to do things for a reason and she needs to understand that.  I am also feeling kinda left out to a point with her too.  She is getting older and is having questions due to what they are reviewing in school about growing up and she would rather talk to grandma than me and I can understand to a point because I did not want to talk to my mom but it still hurts.  It also seems sometimes that mommy isn't good enough for her anymore but I know she is older and I have the other 2 that require attention and she may at sometimes feel left out.  I get that and I try for one on one time but it is hard with the schedules.  I guess it is something I just have to do.

Summer is coming and what am I going to do for the kids this summer?  I work 4/10 hrs days at home and that make for a very boring day.  Camp is so expensive and Ky would never last.  Jeremy says he is going to take them to the pool and do what he can but when work comes along we need him to do that.  Grandma is going North for 3 weeks, so what are we gonna do?  I have found 2  1 week camps for Ciera and I am going to put her in those but that is only have the day then what?  Everyone works except my sister and that is a whole other post. 

I sometimes feel like a bad mom, I guess I expect too much from Ciera and I am said to baby Kylie and Alyssa she is just a baby but will be 2 in August.  I try to do what I can when I am off and whenever possible but to me it feels like it is never enough.  Now that I am in school that take up my time and I sometimes feel the walls are closing in but I know that I can push myself and get it done because I need to better there lives and mine and that is the reason I made the decision to go back to school. 

I love my kids so much that I do anything and everything for them but is it too little or do I shelter too much that they will be images of me when they grow up?   I hope not I want them to be strong and outgoing and be able to stick up for each other and be close and not let anything come between them.  I want them to know that if they need each other they will be there for each other anytime.

I guess the reason for my post is that things are just going round and round in my mind today and had to vent it out a little bit.  Family is constantly on my mind and the issue we are having but I have no control over others actions and I need to learn to live with that and more on.  I guess you could say I am like my mom I pretty much stay at home not too many friends at all and keep stuff bottled up. That may change someday but you never know.  So take a moment and hug your kids and speak to family because sometimes things and people are taken for  granted and you know when you might need them or they need you and your too busy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

who loves STARBUCKS?

Who does not love Starbucks Frapps?  Count me in on that one because I could have one everyday if you let me and coming up on May 7-may 16 you can try the new Create your own Frappuccino during Happy Hour 3-5pm.   Check it out here.  Let me just count how many times I can go there and it will be like buying 1 getting 1 free every other day.  Everyone can check it out if you are a FAN!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend adventures

The kids and I had a great weekend while daddy helped out a friend so it was nice in a way and exausting in the other.

Friday was just a busy day for car repair, expensive but it could have been worse.  Well I should not say repair but maintaince.  We are currenty car OWNERS no more payments and we  vow not to go back to payments from here on out.  The car needed tires, regular oil change, and front and rear brakes.  We got 2 of the 3 done and at a great deal.  Let me tell you gotta love Craigslist, found some brand new tires at a great price and then I have to say that I am appreciative of my brother in law who had his shop put our tires on balance, mount and align them, and do the oil for a great price, Thanks Ryan.

Saturday was a day of Running around and some savings.  Had to do a Publix and a walmart trip.  I saved at publix the most  due to the Chicken being $1.99/ lb so it was stock up time and I may even go back because we eat alot of chicken. Then the kids spent the evening swiming and had dinner with poppy, that was fun.  Summer is coming and the kids already are lovin the pool.

Sunday was great.  The girls had a pool party to go to at the town pool where the diving boards are and Ciera loves that and Ky is getting better and better about swimming and alyssa she just loves the water.  We had a great time Thanks Michelle and Nicole for inviting us we had a great time and Happy Birthday girls.  After that was home for dinner and an easy night because mom had homework to catch up on from the weekend.

All in all the kids were great and we had a weekend full of wonderful weather and great time with the kids.

Life just got way crazzier.....

SCHOOL!  I finally got all my stuff done to start school and immediatly was put into a orientation class that is 2 weeks and overlaps my first set of 2 classes which start today so I am a little bit overwelmed these days but I know that it is all worth it.  I know it is going to be an adjustment but I have to do it to change our family's future. So we will be chuggin along and trying to mix all this stuff together.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Publix trip 4/25

I had a pretty good publix trip this week, not too much on sale that I usually buy but did fine a few good deals.
organic Casdadian Farns frozen fruits $1.99 x3 = 5.97- $2 publix coupon=3.97
B1G1 Dole Salad Blend 3.59 -2/.55 Source coupons =2.49 or 1.25 each

These were the main deals that I was there for along with my weekly shopping so my breakdown is:
-27.66 Special price savings
-23.85 vendor and store coupons
109.29  for a savings 47%

A Blessing in disquise

How may of you have tried Craigslist?  I mean for anything to list an item for sale, to buy and item or even list a job or garage sale?  I have listed some items for sale and garage sales and I have searched the sight many times for all different things but on Saturday night Jeremy was on looking for of all things tires.

See we recently are CAR PAYMENT FREE and we are so happy about that but we have put off doing work to our car because of the lack of funds, well now is the car payment to repair payment fund.  Well as Jeremy was looking  for tires he found  some and for a reasonable amount or I should say a little bit more than we could afford but we called anyway.  He called the man and asked a few questions and we told him our situation and Clarence said man I will work with you on the price when do you wanna come take a look at them?  We descided we would go yesterday and the tire were great and Brand new and we were so excited now to the price.  I asked the man would he go lower than what he was asking and he said how much so I gave an amount and he said why not.  So I said to Clarence and my husband this was a blessing that you had not need for them and we needed them really bad but could not afford full price for them so Thank you.

Turns out that I think we were ment to meet and to get those tires yesterday and from such good people.  So thank you to Clarence for what you did for our family and all good deeds come back to you sometimes or other when you least expect it. 

Mommy's busy life...aka weekend

Sorry have been missing for a few days it has just been a little bit crazy here.  I was off work which was a plus but the kids where always wanting to go go and go some more.  Saturday was a great day with family  and friends and taht morning I got talked  into a Fitness camp with my sister and her friend Ashley. 

Let me tell you about Fitness Camp, boy was I in shock, well that is an understatement but my sister says I was a champ!  Good for me but I need a little bit more progress on my own before I try that again because I am way to out of shape for it right now but I am not ruling it out for the future.

After that the weather was still beautiful and we headed out to the pool and had a blast.   Had some dinner with the family and then it was an early night.

There is one thing I have to say is I love my family and that includes my sisters.  We do not always agree on the things that each other do but I still luv her and I thank her for letting us come to her house on the weekends and letting the kids be together so that they can grow up close, Thanks again sis!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yay I am a Host for a Shutterfly House Party

Has anyone ever heard of House Party?  Well Everyone should check it out here.  This is a great party for thousand of people to share products of leading brands that the companies want to share with others.  I have had a few and now I am hosting the Shutterfly photo book day

I am so excited I have make books and had prints made and love the quality of their work.  If you are not a member then you should check it out there are always new and up and coming parties that might intrest you so stay tuned after May 15 for party pictures.

Another baby in the friend circle.

I just wanted to take a min and congradulate our friends Amy and Jim on a brand new healty baby girl Jordyn Grace Jennings born yesterday 4/19/10.  She is doing great and just can't wait to meet her sometime this weekend.

Also by loveable newphew Caleb turned 1 today, hard to beleive that 1 year ago today we wer in the hospital waiting for him to come into this world.  We love him to pieces and we say Happy Birthday to both of them.

Mommy needs an off Day

We had a rocky night and with the little one up early just after 6am that was a rough start this morning and then the oldest off to school. No problems there then after stopping on my way home for coffee I get a phone call from my husband that my 3 year old is throwing a temper tantrum and he just can not handle it and wanted to know when I would be home? Really?  Does a mom get any peace?  I sometimes wonder are moms supposed to do everything?  I mean I know I have "mom duties" but it feels like I am doing everything with and for the kids. 
I get home she has a soaked pull up and sitting on the stairs whinning "mommy" every 5 seconds. Is this really necessary?  Mom needs a day off! I love my kids more than anything but somedays are just plain crazy.  My husband tried to help but for some reason all the kids are attached to me and when I want to go somewhere all the crying starts and I can never get out but that is soon going to change.  Mommy needs mee time and Saturday I am supposed to go to a workout with mysisters and I am going No kids that will give me aleast a little bit of an  hour of ME time.  Every mom needs it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday with MckMama

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
This week has really been a hard week the kids and everything just feels like the walls are closing in.  We were at my newphews birthday party and it was NOT me that saw the kids helping themselves to the cake and just let me,  nope not me. 
Again I have had enought laundry to last a life time so when my mother in law who likes to fold the laundry descided she wanted to fold them and put them away for the kids I had no problems but I surly did NOT let her now did I?
My 9 year old and 3years old are always at odds and when my 9 comes to me and says "mommy Ky hit me" I surely did not say to her well I am not your tattle turle and do not want to hear it, Not me.
Hope everyone had a great week and we will be back next monday for Not Me Monday!


Weekly Publix trip x2

Well yesterday I did my weekly shopping trip to publix and not to bad for the budget .  I have a grocery budget of $450 per month of our family of 5.  Is this good or bad?  I have seen some that have done a little bit less  and many that have done more. 

Lets just say that someone I know can go to the grocery store and spend $ 200 or close to it every week and not think twice and that ends up being around $800 a month for groceries, now who has that kids of money in these times?

I did my weekly publix trip and spent 139.14 and that is including the savings of 50.65 in coupons and advantage buys.  This by far is not the greatest trip but certainly any trip when you can same a  little bit is better than nothing.  I also did my Huggies, sunblock claritan, and benedryl deal again too and that was a must because allergy season has been bad these days especially for Kylie.

I know one that that I have really cut back on these day is meat we at not eating nearly as much chicken, hamburger or even pork like we used to.  We try to have meat maybe 3x a week and the rest is a mixture.  Now my family is not a real big leftovers fan so what I do cook has to be something that I can freeze for later and I am working on that.  So as for grocery shopping this week we should be good for maybe more than a week, or so I hope.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Frankenstein and his mom...

So when we ordered the cake at Publix the other day the looked at us kinda funny
" you want a halloween Frankenstein cake in April?"

Well I guess you have not met my sister she is the backwards one always trying to do something
out of the box. Can't you tell by her picture of her
"Rock Star" look. You just gotta love her and love her we do.
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My Newphew is 1

Now he is 1 or should I say will be 1 on 4/20 but his party was this past friday and he was so cute as a Pirate.

Not so sure about this cake.

Have you ever seen a lil one that did not like cake? He did not eat 1 bit he just played in it and
when he was done he was done but as you can see he had a great time.

Ciera and her cousin Caleb. The oldest and the youngest of all the kids.
Ever had a Halloween party in April well it can be done and his mom is one of those themed
personalities and this is what she wanted to for his party and wait let me post the cake....
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today was the day to volunteer....4 DISNEY

So today was the day, the day that my family did the Give a Day Get a Day for disney tickets and we had a great time.  A little rain in the beginning but all in all we did it for a great cause to clean up the neighborhood and to get a wonderful reward after.  In the beginning it was a little bit rainny, Alyssa was in the stroller covered up and tried to keep her dry why she was just chilling and along for the ride.  Kylie I thought was gonna want to ride the whole way but but I wrong she was all decked out with her sun visor, gloves and trash grabber, I wish I had gotten a picture but I was not gonna take the camera out in the weather but she was ready for the occasion.

We had a great time and we Thank Disney for the wonderful reward.

After we did our volunteering we went to my sisters house for the kids to play and oh did they.  They swam and they played kick ball and swam some more and then we had a great dinner with the family and then the kids were ready for bed.  Ky was having a melt down and it was time to go and when that happens it does down fast.    Thanks everyone for a great day.  How was your saturday did you send it with family and friends or did you do something to help the enviornment?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1st Vacation Deposit

I have the first deposit for our Vacation fund YAY :)  A few weeks ago I had mentioned that I put some of the kids old clothes into the Just Between Friends Sale and I just received my check.  It was not for as much as I would have liked but you know what I donated the remaining items to those in need and I felt good about that.  So our 1st deposit for Vacation is for $29.41.

I also think what I will do  starting on our next trip tothe grocery I will take what we saved in coupons and store coupons and add that to my savings along with keep the change at the end of the month oh and do not forget the rebates that I receive in the mail. 

I have not descied what our goal Amount is but we are figuring 5 days and driving, meals and we will stay with family so we will have to estimate it out.  I am gonna say $800 give or take and this just may be a low ball amount or if I can save more  then the more the merrier!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I came across this Blog Party on my Favorite sight for Ebay is HCTS a little late but who is checking and it introduced me to this Blog party and I thought that I would jump right in feet first.

Let me tell you a little about myself I am a stay at home but work from home mom of 3 wonderful and at some point crazy out of control girls that are 9, 3, and 1.  I love to blog  follow people on facebook and my most favorite is to Coupon and save money any way that I can.  I am also challenging myself to a few things.

I think of this blog as a mommy blog full of deals and trying to love Organicly but still staying on budget.  I also like to try different things to feed the kids and at this point they are a little bit picky and I try to mix veggies into differnt things for them and they never know. 

As for the prizes being given away I would love to win the 3 days 2 night stay at Holiday Inn Maingate in Kississimme, we are planning a trip to Disney after we do our Give a Day Get a Day for Disney tickets this weekend.  That would be a great way for the kids to have a treat.

And if you are not familiar with  with 5 Minutes for Mom's check it out here and join the party

Lets try a Couponing for NC & GA Vacation

I was over reading Couponing to disney on facebook and thought about what she was saying about how she coupons and does rebates and thought I could put my saved money to good use.  My husband wants to take a vacation to see family and I thought what better way to do that then to SAVE more than I am doing now.  I do pretty good about saving when shopping but not real good on the rebates so that is going to be a going of mine to improve on along with Organic eating habits.  I say we set our goal for July vacation just before school and Cheeleading starts and just see how much money we can get between now and then.  I have some rebates that I have sent in for so that will go into our fund and we will just add from there.  We also have keep the change transfer at the bank I can count that as savings and of course Coupons.

Now of course this will not be a glamorous vacation but it will get us away for a little while.  So lets say 5 days in July to North Carolina and Georgia.  That does not give us much time but lets see how far we can get.


One Stop One Store Publix Huggies deal

Spend $35 between 3/18/10-4/21/10 on Huggies products such as diapers, wipes, and pull-ups in one trip at publix and send it in for a $10 publix gift. Here is my senerio:

2 Huggies Box diapers @ 19.99 = 39.98 -2/$3 publix coupon and 2/$3 man coupon =$27.98 -$10 gift card =17.98 +tax Not a bad deal don't u think :)

Send your completed form and original receipt to :
Publix gift card offer
streetmarc adv & mktg
PO BOX 2478
Westport CT 06880

Another Huggies Link $3/1

I was surprised when I check out Money Saving Mom and to find another link to a $3/1 Huggies diapers that I had not printed and I was so excited because I had let mine expire and this will work great to link with a publix deal that I have coming soon.

Starbucks Free Coffee

Hey all you Starbucks fans did you hear that on April 15 you can bring a travel mug (up to 20oz) to any Starbucks location and get a FREE cup of brewed coffee.  I know that I will be there because I just can not pass up starbucks coffee weather I brew it a home or spend my hard earned $ at the coffee shop.  Take a look here for details.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Organic ways so far

As I have said in prevouis post our family is transission to an organic lifestyle with no processed foods.  I just wanted to update what we have changed and are in the process of changing.  We no longer buy regular milk we not buy Organic Fat Free milk and Soy milk.  There is a reason that I went cold turkey on the milk but I will save that for another post later this week. We buy more Veggies and I disquise them in sauces or whatever I cna for them and we have reduced the amount of meet we eat to maybe 2-3 times a week and I try to stock up on the Organic Chicken when on sale but here in Florida it is hard to find a sale on organic meat but we are managing.  We have switched to all natural peanut butter and buying buying Organic fruits and veggies according to the Dirty Dozen according to Organic.org.

We or I should say I am learning to look more at labels as to what is the food that I do buy that are prepackaged such as bread and the yogart that my daughters love.  I tend to by the Stoneyfield Farms organic yogarts and mix them in smoothies which my kids love and the probiotic vanilla for my youngest.

These are just a few ways we are changing our eating habits and I will going more into the WHY when I post about our transformation to Organic milk later in the week. So check back then.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Floridians with NO Prescription coverage

I wanted to touch on this subject just a little but I could really do a long post on this but I just want to talk about prescription coverage help for Florida Residents.  There are so many families with no insurance and still have to see a doctor and then have to pay full price for the medication that some need to survive.  We were watching out Local news WPEC 12 and saw the advertisement for Florida Discount drug plan here.

I looked up the prescriptions that my husband uses because we are like many americans that do not have insurance becasue we can not afford the high cost of health care, and there was a great discount and when I went to fill the items I was shocked at the discount that we received,  We used to have to pay so much for these and now I can rest a little bit easier knowing that his medication is a little bit more reasonable.

We are lucky enough to have insurance for our kids but for us this is taking half the burdon off our shoulders in this slow economy I suggest that Florida residents check this out and for those in other states check out your states website to see if they offer any help for you.

Quick publix trip

Well after leaving the doctor today with 2 sick kids one that is having an allergic reactions to something where she is having all over itching and eczema and another with a sinus infection, poor baby I needed to get allergy medicine.  I spent a little more that I wanted to coupon wise I did a great job I think for what I got.

@Publix I paid $40.55 after savings of $19.00 in Publix and manufactur coupons.  Here is the brake down.
Pull ups 10.99- $2 coupon
2 Benadryl dye free @6.19 (12.38)- $4 off 2 here and $2 from Publix spring Saver exp 4/23
Claritan Chewables 19.99 - $4 coupon and $4 Publix spring saver
Coppertone Sunblock on sale for $7.99 -$1 printable and $2 Publix spring Saver
2 Publix paper towels @ 1.34 or 4/$4
Puffs w/ Vicks (these are the best if you have not tried them)

I am sure that I could have done a little better but I think this was a great use of coupons.  I also will be doing this deal again before the deals end on April 23rd.

Exxon Mobil Free $20.00 Giftcard w/ speed pass sign up

Here is a great off her for those that use Exxon Mobil for their fuel.  If you do not have a speedpass then you should get one now and a little something extra.  Check it out.
According to an email that I received from Upromise you can get this great offer:  "new Speedpass customers can get a $20 ExxonMobil Gift Card for signing up and activating a new Speedpass account. Just sign up and activate online to receive this great offer. Be sure you use promo code UPM10. Offer expires May 5th, 2010."  All you have to do is click the link for $20 gift card .

No need to be a Upromise member but it is always good to become a member this is a great way to spend and same you can check them out here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A big descision...

I have made a big descision that is going to effect my life, my family, and free time, whats that?  I have descided to go back to school.  I'm going to be taking online classes through Saint Leo University starting as soon as my financial aid is approved.  So that means either May or July.I am very excited for myself and it is something I have wanted to do for a long time and just finally said I was going to do it.  I have  not been in school since I went to PBCC in 2003, I know it has been a very long time and this is totally different then actually going to class but I need to do this for my family and for myself.  I feel that the job I have not is not going to be a life long career unless it is something that I can turn over and pull something out of it and it be mine.

The class terms are 8 weeks with homework due on Fridays and I am going to start out with 1 class and go from there and they consider 2 classes full time.  I am excioted and scared at the same time but it will be well worth it for sure.  I will keep everyone posted on when I start and how it is going so stay tuned,

Monday, April 5, 2010

GREAT deals from CVS and Walgreens this past week

I did a few deals this past Friday and I know most of you knew about them but I want to show you what I got out of these deals.

First stop Walgreens  1 Lysol hands free dispencer was 14.99-in store coupon $5 and -$5 Manufacture coupon= 5.97  great deal (even though it would have been better if I would have used my $5RR ).  Also at walgreens was anther deal not so good but will be when finished:
1package Huggies swim diapers 6.99
Olay Quench body lotion  9.99 ($1.00 coupon and rebate for 9.99)
and a bottle of bubbles for $1............... paid $16.98 -$5 RR and rebate of 9.99 so it actually only cost me
only $2. 78  NOW THAT IS A BARGAIN!!

CVS was a little bit different I bought:
2 Huggies diapers @ 17.98
1 Mega wipes @ 5.99
3 20oz cokes 1.59
3 reese cups
Coupons worth $15.60
ECb 6.00
paid $11.50 and received 5 ecb for next time................6.50 not bad for 2 packs of diapers and some mommy treats  :)

Happy Easter Pool Party & Hunt!

Ky and Kenzie ready to jump in the pool with out their water wings. WE are so proud of them
they are doing such a great job already this early!

Pre Cheerleading Ciera getting so big so fast.

They are hunting those eggs down, GREAT job girls.

Great job Alyssa carring all your eggs you are such a big girl eventhough you did call on your boo boos again.

They all had a blast with the neighborhood and the egg hunt we had over 300 eggs to be found and you know what there may still be some missing to this day but I am sure they will be found sooner or later. Hope everyone had a great easter and remember what it is all about.

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Saturday Easter egg Hunt

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