Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry its been so long.

I know all  my readers have been neglected and I am sorry for that I am trying to keep up with all that is going on.  Between kids home and school I am kinda overwhelmed.  I am trying and I will try harder for atleast a post every other day so we will see. 
We had a busy weekend past with my mom's birthday and a Graduation Party those were fun and the kids were all so happy to be out and going all around. 
I just wanted to let everyone one  know that we are doing great just busy.  School is coming to a close and then it is going to be 1 more at home and it will be crazy between work and school and trying to occupy them.  We will manage somehow.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ciera made Saftey Patrol

Ciera came home from school today and brought her belt for Saftey Patrol. We are so happy for her it is such an accomplishment for her. So come next year we are in 5th grade and she will be making a trip to Washington DC all by her self with her classmates. She is so excited all she needs to do is keep up the good work!
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My CVS deals 5/9-5/15

This is a great week for me and I am gonna use it to my benefit!
I am starting out with 5 ECB and we will she what I end up with.

Transaction 1:  2 Pantene 2/$6.97
                          2/$2 coupons (-$4)
                                          2.97 / 3ECB back
          3 Vitiamin water @ $1=$3
plus tax .39 = 6.35 -5 ecb= $1.36 out of pocket

Trans action 2:  Breeze 2 Glucose monitor 19.99 ( to be donated)
                                               Coupon    -10.00
                                                                9.99 w/ $15 ECB
                                                         paid 3 ecb
                                          tax .65 total       $7.44  So CVS is paying me to take it home Money Maker of $5.01!

Transaction 3:  1 pkg Basic Paper Towels $4.99
                 1 pkg Cottonnelle toilet paper   $4.99
            Hawaiian Tropic Tan lotion           $9.99 Ecb $5
                                                             -$1.00 coupong from SheSpeaks 
                                                       use   $15 ECB
                                      plus tax              6.20 and getting $5 ECB to start with next week

So roughly  out of pocket will be       $15.00  is this a good deal or no ?  Look at what all I am getting.

My Walgreens deals week 5/9-5/16

2 Pantene Pro V @ 2/$7
               2 coupon $1 and vocal point $2
                               $4.00 and $2 Register rewards= So I paid $2 for 2 bottles of Pantene

Great deal @ $1 a piece.

Friday, May 7, 2010

More despoits for vacation

I have a few deposits for vacation fund but not quite sure we are gonna make that goal so it may be postponed for a little while we will have to see but whenever we do descide to go we will have this money to go.
We changed car insurance and Alstate sent us back a check for $6.91
Rebate from The Princess and the Frog and Band Aid $5.00
olay rebate for buy a lotion and get full price back  $9.99
                                                       DEPOSIT TOTAL 21.90

Bring the total just in Checks and rebates of 51.31 I still have to go through the KEEP THE CHANGE.

McNeill Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl recall

As I have been watching the new the last few days they have been talking about the recall for the childrens Tylenol, motrin, benadryl and zyrtec.  I had 6 of those items in the house not all open but what was I going to do with them now?  I checked out the websight and found that you can get either a refund or a coupon for a new bottle when they are restocked and the formula is corrected.  Here is link for the rebate or coupon. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feelings and Parenting

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to crawl back into bed under all those covers and wait for tomorrow  to come and see if when you wake up it will be a better day?  I am having one of those days.  Or should I say the last few days. 

I have had dissertations with the kids, family and a lil one that does not want to be put down.  As I sit here I have Ky being good watching Dora and Alyssa trying to go to sleep but for some reason she thinks its not time to nap and would rather be upset.  I on the other hand had lots to do and maybe I have put too much on myself but that is how I always have been and don't think it is going to change anytime soon.  I know I need to figure out certain days for certain things with the kids, for myself, school, blogging and eBay.  But when Friday comes and then the weekend the kids are all that matters and we just go go go. 

Right now I am having to deal with my 9 year old soon to be 10  thinking that she can do as she pleases and not wanting to do anything I tell her when I tell her she thinks she can do it at her leisure.  Not going to happen.  I ask her to do things for a reason and she needs to understand that.  I am also feeling kinda left out to a point with her too.  She is getting older and is having questions due to what they are reviewing in school about growing up and she would rather talk to grandma than me and I can understand to a point because I did not want to talk to my mom but it still hurts.  It also seems sometimes that mommy isn't good enough for her anymore but I know she is older and I have the other 2 that require attention and she may at sometimes feel left out.  I get that and I try for one on one time but it is hard with the schedules.  I guess it is something I just have to do.

Summer is coming and what am I going to do for the kids this summer?  I work 4/10 hrs days at home and that make for a very boring day.  Camp is so expensive and Ky would never last.  Jeremy says he is going to take them to the pool and do what he can but when work comes along we need him to do that.  Grandma is going North for 3 weeks, so what are we gonna do?  I have found 2  1 week camps for Ciera and I am going to put her in those but that is only have the day then what?  Everyone works except my sister and that is a whole other post. 

I sometimes feel like a bad mom, I guess I expect too much from Ciera and I am said to baby Kylie and Alyssa she is just a baby but will be 2 in August.  I try to do what I can when I am off and whenever possible but to me it feels like it is never enough.  Now that I am in school that take up my time and I sometimes feel the walls are closing in but I know that I can push myself and get it done because I need to better there lives and mine and that is the reason I made the decision to go back to school. 

I love my kids so much that I do anything and everything for them but is it too little or do I shelter too much that they will be images of me when they grow up?   I hope not I want them to be strong and outgoing and be able to stick up for each other and be close and not let anything come between them.  I want them to know that if they need each other they will be there for each other anytime.

I guess the reason for my post is that things are just going round and round in my mind today and had to vent it out a little bit.  Family is constantly on my mind and the issue we are having but I have no control over others actions and I need to learn to live with that and more on.  I guess you could say I am like my mom I pretty much stay at home not too many friends at all and keep stuff bottled up. That may change someday but you never know.  So take a moment and hug your kids and speak to family because sometimes things and people are taken for  granted and you know when you might need them or they need you and your too busy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

who loves STARBUCKS?

Who does not love Starbucks Frapps?  Count me in on that one because I could have one everyday if you let me and coming up on May 7-may 16 you can try the new Create your own Frappuccino during Happy Hour 3-5pm.   Check it out here.  Let me just count how many times I can go there and it will be like buying 1 getting 1 free every other day.  Everyone can check it out if you are a FAN!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend adventures

The kids and I had a great weekend while daddy helped out a friend so it was nice in a way and exausting in the other.

Friday was just a busy day for car repair, expensive but it could have been worse.  Well I should not say repair but maintaince.  We are currenty car OWNERS no more payments and we  vow not to go back to payments from here on out.  The car needed tires, regular oil change, and front and rear brakes.  We got 2 of the 3 done and at a great deal.  Let me tell you gotta love Craigslist, found some brand new tires at a great price and then I have to say that I am appreciative of my brother in law who had his shop put our tires on balance, mount and align them, and do the oil for a great price, Thanks Ryan.

Saturday was a day of Running around and some savings.  Had to do a Publix and a walmart trip.  I saved at publix the most  due to the Chicken being $1.99/ lb so it was stock up time and I may even go back because we eat alot of chicken. Then the kids spent the evening swiming and had dinner with poppy, that was fun.  Summer is coming and the kids already are lovin the pool.

Sunday was great.  The girls had a pool party to go to at the town pool where the diving boards are and Ciera loves that and Ky is getting better and better about swimming and alyssa she just loves the water.  We had a great time Thanks Michelle and Nicole for inviting us we had a great time and Happy Birthday girls.  After that was home for dinner and an easy night because mom had homework to catch up on from the weekend.

All in all the kids were great and we had a weekend full of wonderful weather and great time with the kids.

Life just got way crazzier.....

SCHOOL!  I finally got all my stuff done to start school and immediatly was put into a orientation class that is 2 weeks and overlaps my first set of 2 classes which start today so I am a little bit overwelmed these days but I know that it is all worth it.  I know it is going to be an adjustment but I have to do it to change our family's future. So we will be chuggin along and trying to mix all this stuff together.