Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend adventures

The kids and I had a great weekend while daddy helped out a friend so it was nice in a way and exausting in the other.

Friday was just a busy day for car repair, expensive but it could have been worse.  Well I should not say repair but maintaince.  We are currenty car OWNERS no more payments and we  vow not to go back to payments from here on out.  The car needed tires, regular oil change, and front and rear brakes.  We got 2 of the 3 done and at a great deal.  Let me tell you gotta love Craigslist, found some brand new tires at a great price and then I have to say that I am appreciative of my brother in law who had his shop put our tires on balance, mount and align them, and do the oil for a great price, Thanks Ryan.

Saturday was a day of Running around and some savings.  Had to do a Publix and a walmart trip.  I saved at publix the most  due to the Chicken being $1.99/ lb so it was stock up time and I may even go back because we eat alot of chicken. Then the kids spent the evening swiming and had dinner with poppy, that was fun.  Summer is coming and the kids already are lovin the pool.

Sunday was great.  The girls had a pool party to go to at the town pool where the diving boards are and Ciera loves that and Ky is getting better and better about swimming and alyssa she just loves the water.  We had a great time Thanks Michelle and Nicole for inviting us we had a great time and Happy Birthday girls.  After that was home for dinner and an easy night because mom had homework to catch up on from the weekend.

All in all the kids were great and we had a weekend full of wonderful weather and great time with the kids.

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