Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unemployeed and trying to make ends meet

I know there are so many americans that are out of work and trying to get by each and every day and I feel for all of you.  Up until August of this year I had worked since I was sixteen non stop and sometimes even two jobs and up out of the blue I was fired.  I am the soul provider of the family due to my husband having major back problems and unable to work.  I can not put into words how this feels when you look everyday for a job and find nothing that you are interested in or in your field or when you go to a job interview and it goes well and you think you have the job then only to find out that you were not chosen. 

The holidays are quickly approaching and we are all trying to be positive and move forward but it is so hard for me to keep going day by day,  I know that when one door opens another one opens but sometimes I get frustrated waiting for the open door. 
I have my family and sometimes I don't talk about how I am feeling but I know that if I wanted to pour my heart out that they would be there and listen.

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