Monday, April 26, 2010

Mommy's busy life...aka weekend

Sorry have been missing for a few days it has just been a little bit crazy here.  I was off work which was a plus but the kids where always wanting to go go and go some more.  Saturday was a great day with family  and friends and taht morning I got talked  into a Fitness camp with my sister and her friend Ashley. 

Let me tell you about Fitness Camp, boy was I in shock, well that is an understatement but my sister says I was a champ!  Good for me but I need a little bit more progress on my own before I try that again because I am way to out of shape for it right now but I am not ruling it out for the future.

After that the weather was still beautiful and we headed out to the pool and had a blast.   Had some dinner with the family and then it was an early night.

There is one thing I have to say is I love my family and that includes my sisters.  We do not always agree on the things that each other do but I still luv her and I thank her for letting us come to her house on the weekends and letting the kids be together so that they can grow up close, Thanks again sis!

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