Monday, April 26, 2010

A Blessing in disquise

How may of you have tried Craigslist?  I mean for anything to list an item for sale, to buy and item or even list a job or garage sale?  I have listed some items for sale and garage sales and I have searched the sight many times for all different things but on Saturday night Jeremy was on looking for of all things tires.

See we recently are CAR PAYMENT FREE and we are so happy about that but we have put off doing work to our car because of the lack of funds, well now is the car payment to repair payment fund.  Well as Jeremy was looking  for tires he found  some and for a reasonable amount or I should say a little bit more than we could afford but we called anyway.  He called the man and asked a few questions and we told him our situation and Clarence said man I will work with you on the price when do you wanna come take a look at them?  We descided we would go yesterday and the tire were great and Brand new and we were so excited now to the price.  I asked the man would he go lower than what he was asking and he said how much so I gave an amount and he said why not.  So I said to Clarence and my husband this was a blessing that you had not need for them and we needed them really bad but could not afford full price for them so Thank you.

Turns out that I think we were ment to meet and to get those tires yesterday and from such good people.  So thank you to Clarence for what you did for our family and all good deeds come back to you sometimes or other when you least expect it. 

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