Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Publix trip x2

Well yesterday I did my weekly shopping trip to publix and not to bad for the budget .  I have a grocery budget of $450 per month of our family of 5.  Is this good or bad?  I have seen some that have done a little bit less  and many that have done more. 

Lets just say that someone I know can go to the grocery store and spend $ 200 or close to it every week and not think twice and that ends up being around $800 a month for groceries, now who has that kids of money in these times?

I did my weekly publix trip and spent 139.14 and that is including the savings of 50.65 in coupons and advantage buys.  This by far is not the greatest trip but certainly any trip when you can same a  little bit is better than nothing.  I also did my Huggies, sunblock claritan, and benedryl deal again too and that was a must because allergy season has been bad these days especially for Kylie.

I know one that that I have really cut back on these day is meat we at not eating nearly as much chicken, hamburger or even pork like we used to.  We try to have meat maybe 3x a week and the rest is a mixture.  Now my family is not a real big leftovers fan so what I do cook has to be something that I can freeze for later and I am working on that.  So as for grocery shopping this week we should be good for maybe more than a week, or so I hope.

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