Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mommy needs an off Day

We had a rocky night and with the little one up early just after 6am that was a rough start this morning and then the oldest off to school. No problems there then after stopping on my way home for coffee I get a phone call from my husband that my 3 year old is throwing a temper tantrum and he just can not handle it and wanted to know when I would be home? Really?  Does a mom get any peace?  I sometimes wonder are moms supposed to do everything?  I mean I know I have "mom duties" but it feels like I am doing everything with and for the kids. 
I get home she has a soaked pull up and sitting on the stairs whinning "mommy" every 5 seconds. Is this really necessary?  Mom needs a day off! I love my kids more than anything but somedays are just plain crazy.  My husband tried to help but for some reason all the kids are attached to me and when I want to go somewhere all the crying starts and I can never get out but that is soon going to change.  Mommy needs mee time and Saturday I am supposed to go to a workout with mysisters and I am going No kids that will give me aleast a little bit of an  hour of ME time.  Every mom needs it.

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