Friday, April 9, 2010

Floridians with NO Prescription coverage

I wanted to touch on this subject just a little but I could really do a long post on this but I just want to talk about prescription coverage help for Florida Residents.  There are so many families with no insurance and still have to see a doctor and then have to pay full price for the medication that some need to survive.  We were watching out Local news WPEC 12 and saw the advertisement for Florida Discount drug plan here.

I looked up the prescriptions that my husband uses because we are like many americans that do not have insurance becasue we can not afford the high cost of health care, and there was a great discount and when I went to fill the items I was shocked at the discount that we received,  We used to have to pay so much for these and now I can rest a little bit easier knowing that his medication is a little bit more reasonable.

We are lucky enough to have insurance for our kids but for us this is taking half the burdon off our shoulders in this slow economy I suggest that Florida residents check this out and for those in other states check out your states website to see if they offer any help for you.

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