Monday, April 5, 2010

GREAT deals from CVS and Walgreens this past week

I did a few deals this past Friday and I know most of you knew about them but I want to show you what I got out of these deals.

First stop Walgreens  1 Lysol hands free dispencer was 14.99-in store coupon $5 and -$5 Manufacture coupon= 5.97  great deal (even though it would have been better if I would have used my $5RR ).  Also at walgreens was anther deal not so good but will be when finished:
1package Huggies swim diapers 6.99
Olay Quench body lotion  9.99 ($1.00 coupon and rebate for 9.99)
and a bottle of bubbles for $1............... paid $16.98 -$5 RR and rebate of 9.99 so it actually only cost me
only $2. 78  NOW THAT IS A BARGAIN!!

CVS was a little bit different I bought:
2 Huggies diapers @ 17.98
1 Mega wipes @ 5.99
3 20oz cokes 1.59
3 reese cups
Coupons worth $15.60
ECb 6.00
paid $11.50 and received 5 ecb for next time................6.50 not bad for 2 packs of diapers and some mommy treats  :)

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