Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lets try a Couponing for NC & GA Vacation

I was over reading Couponing to disney on facebook and thought about what she was saying about how she coupons and does rebates and thought I could put my saved money to good use.  My husband wants to take a vacation to see family and I thought what better way to do that then to SAVE more than I am doing now.  I do pretty good about saving when shopping but not real good on the rebates so that is going to be a going of mine to improve on along with Organic eating habits.  I say we set our goal for July vacation just before school and Cheeleading starts and just see how much money we can get between now and then.  I have some rebates that I have sent in for so that will go into our fund and we will just add from there.  We also have keep the change transfer at the bank I can count that as savings and of course Coupons.

Now of course this will not be a glamorous vacation but it will get us away for a little while.  So lets say 5 days in July to North Carolina and Georgia.  That does not give us much time but lets see how far we can get.


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