Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today was the day to volunteer....4 DISNEY

So today was the day, the day that my family did the Give a Day Get a Day for disney tickets and we had a great time.  A little rain in the beginning but all in all we did it for a great cause to clean up the neighborhood and to get a wonderful reward after.  In the beginning it was a little bit rainny, Alyssa was in the stroller covered up and tried to keep her dry why she was just chilling and along for the ride.  Kylie I thought was gonna want to ride the whole way but but I wrong she was all decked out with her sun visor, gloves and trash grabber, I wish I had gotten a picture but I was not gonna take the camera out in the weather but she was ready for the occasion.

We had a great time and we Thank Disney for the wonderful reward.

After we did our volunteering we went to my sisters house for the kids to play and oh did they.  They swam and they played kick ball and swam some more and then we had a great dinner with the family and then the kids were ready for bed.  Ky was having a melt down and it was time to go and when that happens it does down fast.    Thanks everyone for a great day.  How was your saturday did you send it with family and friends or did you do something to help the enviornment?

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