Friday, April 9, 2010

Quick publix trip

Well after leaving the doctor today with 2 sick kids one that is having an allergic reactions to something where she is having all over itching and eczema and another with a sinus infection, poor baby I needed to get allergy medicine.  I spent a little more that I wanted to coupon wise I did a great job I think for what I got.

@Publix I paid $40.55 after savings of $19.00 in Publix and manufactur coupons.  Here is the brake down.
Pull ups 10.99- $2 coupon
2 Benadryl dye free @6.19 (12.38)- $4 off 2 here and $2 from Publix spring Saver exp 4/23
Claritan Chewables 19.99 - $4 coupon and $4 Publix spring saver
Coppertone Sunblock on sale for $7.99 -$1 printable and $2 Publix spring Saver
2 Publix paper towels @ 1.34 or 4/$4
Puffs w/ Vicks (these are the best if you have not tried them)

I am sure that I could have done a little better but I think this was a great use of coupons.  I also will be doing this deal again before the deals end on April 23rd.

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