Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disney Give A Day ... Get A Day.

This year I told my husband that it was time we took a Vacation to Dinsey and Florida residents are getting a HUGE discount this first part of the year you can buy a 4 day Disney pass to all for parks for $99, we said what a deal that would be and then we did the math. We would need 4 tickets because Kylie is 3 so that would be around $400. GREAT deal right compared to paying $80 per ticket for roughly all of those parks then we thought will we be able to get all those parks in in the time allowed? Did we really want to go to all those parks? The answer was clear all my 3 year old wanted was to see The Princesses. So that is how we came to the conclusion that Disney World was all we needed. So my Friend Angie posted that she volunteered for Give A Day ..Get A Day when she was coming down here to visit and I was like if she can her family can do it then so can we. So we are signed up to volunteer in April and then we will take our family trip to Disney. I have also signed my sister Krissy and her family to do the same and as it goes dad always says he wants to go to Disney so we are working on getting him and my mom where does not go anywhere much besides work to do the same so we can make it a real Family vacation.
Everyone should give it a shot and doing something for your community and getting a great reward in return.

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Kimberly L Guthrie said...

I think this is an AWESOME idea! Your new blog looks great too!