Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Budget & Couponing

Let talk BUDGET I know this is a hard topic these days for some trying to stay on budget and then what happens when you go over the budget?  There are Grocery budgets, take out or any kind of fast food that you may allow yourself for a week month budgets, and anything else you want to budget.  What ever it may be can you stick to that budget and how do you do that and does it work for you or do you have the ability to just go and spend what you want and just look the other way when it comes to spending weather it be groceries, clothes, or anything?

I unfortunatly have to live on a budget and I am trying hard to stick to and I know it could use some redefining.  I use coupons and I do the CVS and sometimes the Walgreens deals but those can get confusing for some.  I shop and Publix and count on Fiddledeedee for the great pairing of Publix update and copuon match ups for the weekly sales.  I get coupons from the paper and the internet but I hear you can trade coupons too but I have not tried that yet and I have bought coupons off Ebay, so there are many ways to save.  My couponing method is by no means a science I have a zip lock and all of them go in there and when I go to the store I make a list and sort coupons to sale or coupons for what I normally buy.  Some trips are good and some trips are not so good but I am having to do all I can these days.  What I am gonna try and do is to start posting my grocery and CVS and Walgreens trips here and show my savings and see what we can do in this day and ecomony for savings. 

If anyone has any savings tips let me know because I am still learning and my goal would be to go to the store and save more than I spend!  I have done it 1 time but that was a very very small trip and I can't count that one so we are starting fresh. 

Have a great week of shopping and hope everyone is saving!

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