Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 5 and Day 6

Lets just say we got a little off track with blogging and the kids just took up all my time this weekend. The weather was great and warm but not too warm but just right for everyone to be outside playing and soaking up the sunshine.

Saturday we had to go to Jeremy's moms and help her with a few things and tried to have a yard sale. We did OK just needed to be out a little bit earlier but still the kids helped and had a good time. We helped with cleaning out some things for and the kids played, we had a nice day and the girls were so tired when we got home.

Sunday was a lazy day in the Sunshine. The girls played in the back with the sprinkler and water table and had a blast. I on the other hand soaked up all the rays I could because summer is coming and I just plain out need the color. Of course this was all in between my mom duties like laundry dishes lunch and dinner.

And today is back to the work grind. Oh how I love Monday's aren't they grand? I will have another post up later today with a little bit more about my family.

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