Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not buying new?

How many of you out there think that you could go a week, a month, or a whole year without buying NEW?  Now we are talking about new clothes, new toys, new household furniture, cars, non necessitiues?  I am what you would call a frugal or thrifty shopper or so my friend says but my friend also says my father is Cheap.  There is a difference.  Could you do this?  Now I am not talking about not buying groceries or household items such as cleaning supplies or toiletries new because we all need that stuff but all that other stuff that you think you have to have new could you buy used instead?

I think I could do it just because that is  how I am and right now living on 1 paycheck I could.  Jeremy is pretty good about stuff like this so I am sure he could too.  Now my sister forget it she could not do it for a week let alone a few days but that is just how she is and always has been.  My question would be does going to Starbucks count, nah.  That is something I could not live with out is Starbucks atleast once a week. 

So I challenge you to see how long you could go with out BUYING NEW.  Start small and see how far you can go.,  There are so many other ways of getting clothes, toys, furniture, cars ( if you save and need one), appliances, and many more items and not having to pay full price.

There are consignment sales such as the one I have entered Just Between Friends Sale.  Check out their sight they have spring/summer and fall/winter sales in all areas of the United States and it is easy as 1, 2, 3.   What about thrift stores or Goodwill and also if you are a Saturday morning person who likes to get out and go what about yard sales.  i personally love yard sale especially for kids thingss for them and for ebay you can find great deals and sometimes can turn a profit in the process. 

So go ahead and try it and you know what, this maybe my next challenge becasue right now I am working on my 30 Days of Blogging and I know I have missed a few but I am catching up with double post and so forth and I am having fun doing it and that is all that matters.

Let me know if you too have a challenge you would like to share and  how you are doing at it and if my blog has changed your way of thinking on some things.

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