Monday, March 29, 2010

long weekend lets recap...

I know I have kida blown  my 30 day Challenge but I am doing weekly but the weekends are what is giving me the hardest time because see during the week I sit in front of my computer for 10 hours straight working so I have  time to blog surf the web and among other things but come Friday and through the weekend I am off and my kids are wanting to go go and go some more.  So it leaves me out of the house alot and when I do get home it is bathtime and bed for the whole family.  I apologise and there are some days that I challenge myself to think of something to blog about that is interesting and to keep you as readers coming back. 
Lets give you a breif overview of my weekend with the kids:

Friday was gloomy out so we descided to go to JBTF Sale of North palm beach and found some great Bargains for the kids.  My sister descided to tag along with the kids and I and my mother in law down to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  I had never actually ate inside so that was a treat for the kids to play in the indoor play area and for me to try their Spicy Chicken Sandwich that they were testing in Palm beach and Martin county this past week.  I think it was great by the way but I like spicy food now if my husband would have tried it he would have said it was too spicy so it is all about what you like.
Then that evening it was off to a Birthday party with family and friends.  Happy 8th Birthday Julia thanks for having us we had a great time.

Saturday was a boring day but beautiful outside so we took the kids out and that was our day.

Sunday was supposed to be nice but NOT.  I really wanted to take the beach but that did not happen maybe this weekend, that would be a nice easter treat for them.  Just had dinner with family and a lazy day.

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Leslie said...

we loved having you...thank you for making Julia's day just that much more special!