Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hook Line and Sinker...

No I am not talking about fishing, sorry folks I know you all want to know what fish are bitting these days, just kidding.  No I am talking about being sucked into something that you feel now is consuming all your time?  For me it is FACEBOOK.  I feel like I am always on it but I guess it is because I am at my work computer for 10 hrs 4 days a week and what else is there to do?  This is why I have turned to blogging and other things and this week I am trying my hardest to stay away because I am trying to finish my book and I am well on my way 200 pages down and 300 to go so we will see but I am hoping I will make it. 

Does anyone else feel sucked in to something besides that I know that I have a few other things that I could stand to let loose from on occasion such as the kids  and there are just so many TV shows that I watch because the story lines are so good you just get sucked into it for example... Lost, Grey's, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and the list goes on.  Jeremy says that is all I do is watch TV, I guess it is just in my genes because see my mom is a Lifetime fanatic that is all she watches and it is so funny because every time we go over she always has it on and dad says she has only see that movie 3 times but we have to watch it again.

I tend to keep the kids close and sometimes too close that is why they are close to me in the sense. 


Angie said...

LOL..for me it is Ebay & I am seriously considering garage saleing or consigning a majority of my stuff. It has literally taken over & I can't take it anymore!

Guthrie Family of 5 said...

I can include ebay in this but you know what my stockpile of EBAY is no where near yours. Just kidding I buy and then it takes me a bit to list but if I stay off facebook then I am good at listing a good day or 2.